About us

Combining two passions!

After 35+ years in the corporate world, Peter decided it was time to make a change. 

Peter spent 35+ years evangelizing technology in the education world. He worked at IBM out of college testing operating systems like OS/2 and then spent 11 years at Seneca College building networks across multiple campuses, building online learning courses and platforms and supporting thousands of students in learning online. 

Peter then went on to companies like Blackboard and Pearson to evangelize technology solutions around the globe, and  to expand access to education, with a keen focus on helping to make it simple. 

Peter was even invited to the White House in 2008 to showcase a learning content platform that allowed academic institutions to share content around the globe. 

At home, he experimented with home automation back in the early 2000s and even built a voice recognition system years before Google and Alexa were even household names. 

Peter’s passion for boating started at 12 years old when he saved enough money to buy a 6hp Chrysler motor and drop that onto a 12′ aluminum boat to head out on the water at the family cottage. Of course, he had to rebuild the carburetor on that motor to make it run better. 

He started cruising the Trent Severn system in the mid 2000s and continues to explore. Over the years he has always revamped systems on his and colleagues’ boats and decided in 2022 to take the leap and do this full-time. 

Peter is now a full-time marine electrical and electronics technician, he is NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) certified ABYC Certified Marine Electrical, Authorized Garmin Marine installer and continues to expand his knowledge with his general passion for learning and sharing. 

“I have been watching this convergence of technology move its way into the boating world. I see tech that we were working on years ago in the education space and now making its way into the mainstream boating world” says Peter. “Boats don’t rust, we can upgrade them! We don’t have to use them as-is, we can modernize them”!

Peter LOVES to talk tech, if you see him cruising along the Trent, strike up a chat and let’s talk tech! He is a regular contributor to the Doral community and posts in several other tech groups on an ongoing basis. Stay tuned here for his new blog posts on marine tech! 

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.